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Everything crafted by Naturally Trudging is made with simple ingredients you can feel confident about. Anything we put on our skin or soak in has the ability to be absorbed through our body. Naturally Trudging uses the purest ingredients as much as possible such as organic and non-GMO ingredients, trusted Essential Oils, BPA-free and re-usable containers. There is never any synthetic fragrances, harsh chemicals, or artificial colorings. I choose only ingredients for my products that I use on myself and my own family, keeping my customers health in mind and respect for our environment. Orders are small batched to ensure quality and freshness.

Crafted by a Trudger, for a Trudger!

Trudging is defined as walking heavily or slowly due to exhaustion, with purpose.


I was sick for many years. I was diagnosed with illness after illness, with that came prescription after prescription. I had prescriptions for acne, rashes, allergies, chronic pain, sleep. The side effects were not worth the temporarily relief.

All of these illnesses ruled my life. Fibromyalgia was what really got me to where I am today. It was unbearable. Every day pain from head to toe. I experienced extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, painful knots....I literally felt like I was beaten with a bat every morning. It progressively grew worse to the point where I needed help getting out of bed in the morning. 

So, I had enough and my healing journey began. In 2011 I discovered going gluten free could reduce my chronic pain, which started me reading labels on every single food and product package. I discovered aluminum in deodorant....WHAT!?!? This began an obsession with reading labels on every food and personal product package and I discovered we are exposed to a toxic overload. I began educating myself on ingredients that would benefit my body and adjusting my lifestyle in many ways. 


I began researching & falling in love with the resources nature gave us to use which inspired me to make my own products. After many years of researching ingredients, skin care and aromatherapy I have found a purpose to share my products with others.


It is truly a miracle how my body and life has transformed since I eliminated inflammatory foods and harsh toxic chemicals in my personal products. I gave myself the opportunity to heal itself through healthy natural foods, keeping toxins off my body, incorporating essential oils in my life, and most importantly embracing the pain. Pain means growth and growth must come with pain. 

So that is how I got here, I naturally trudged my way!

So no matter what you may be trudging through, Keep it trudging with a purpose! 

....And We All Trudge On....

Proud Crafter, Owner & Trudger


Only trusted Ingredients

When you use products that contain ingredients that are naturally sourced you feel confident. You begin to realize how important the ingredients in each product is and every one of them counts. Every product comes with a benefit for the mind and body. You will have a peace of mind knowing that the product you are using is safe, natural and made with ingredients that will love and nourish the skin. I am amazed with what natures resources can do for us! 

Power Of Soaking 

Do you know how powerful Epsom, Himalayan & Sea Salts are? These salts are high in magnesium and other essential minerals. Magnesium plays a huge role in our bodily functions, it helps regulate 325 enzymes in our bodies....wow! Magnesium is greatly absorbed through the biggest organ of our bodies, our skin. Studies have shown it can take weeks to months to build a therapeutic dose of magnesium through an oral supplement, the fastest way to get your dose of Magnesium is through soaking! 

**If you are new to soaking in salts, it is recommended to start with a smaller amount, this is due to magnesium having natural laxative properties. 

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Did you know you can add a personalized gift letter option to your order? This is a great idea for those who are trudging through a hard time in their life, adding a little personalized touch to their order!

Great for any occasion to make a loved one feel special and thought of.

I love having this option for customers! 

Never made with Synthetic fragrance, artificial colors, harsh chemicals or gluten 


Naturally Trudging strives to make each product with the simple and pure ingredients, making great efforts to choose natures resources vs synthetic.  

West Chester, OH

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