Thank you for your interest in learning more about skin loving ingredients and natural products! 

When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others -Chinese Proverbs 

There are so many different products to choose from to add scent to our homes. Candles being a popular one. It's calming to light a candle and unwind at night. The flickering light is soothing and for some the fragrance brings a sense of ease, comfort and even memorie...

I spent years trying to find a face wash routine and brand to work. What I have found is that most face washes that are advertised to “clean the skin” are actually harsh and do not contain any nutrition for the skin. These cleansers always irritated my face and resulte...

We have been experiencing a toxic overload and there are hidden toxins in our products..and I simply just can't live without telling you about it. See I went a long time without knowing this information so it is my duty to pass this on to you! I ask you to join in on t...

I know the organic, non-GMO, all natural stuff seems more expensive, but I will assure you this….YOU are important to invest in!!

Health truly is WEALTH! 

I actually struggled majorly with the expense difference at first. After a short time I began to realize how I was...

Join the READ THE LABEL CHALLENGE with me and begin to discover what is in your daily products.

I want to raise awareness of the toxic overload we have been experiencing. Most woman come into contact with over one hundred chemicals just before leaving the house in the m...

September 5, 2018

If you have read my "Chemicals in our products" Blog, then you know I have a personal story connected with making more mindful choices when it comes to putting ANYTHING on my skin and what I eat. If you haven't read that Blog yet and are interested in what chemicals ma...

Let's Talk Serum & facial care!

Serums are designed to target specific concerns for the skin. I formulated these serums specifically for anti-aging skin protection (rejuvenate) and for acne prone skin types (repair).

A little bit about my background and motivation that g...

It is shocking what many unknowingly consume every single day just through food and personal care items alone. Many people do not think about what may be in their products because if the store sells it, it must be ok....right? The answer is no! The product industry is...

We all will most likely be soaking up that vitamin D and enjoying the summer sun as much as we can, so here is a very important summer tip to make sure you are using essential oils safely in the sun!

Essential oils, specifically citrus oils, react with direct...

Clay masking has been around since ancient times, for good reasons! Using a facial clay mask pulls excess oil and dirt from our pores, tightens and leaves skin with a smooth glow. 

I am going to share with you some of my favorite ingredients I choose to u...

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Never made with Synthetic fragrance, artificial colors, harsh chemicals or gluten 


Naturally Trudging strives to make each product with the simple and pure ingredients, making great efforts to choose natures resources vs synthetic.  

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