Skin Sun Safety with Essential Oils

We all will most likely be soaking up that vitamin D and enjoying the summer sun as much as we can, so here is a very important summer tip to make sure you are using essential oils safely in the sun!


Essential oils, specifically citrus oils, react with direct sun light or even artificial light such as tanning beds, this is known as some oils being photo toxic. Here is a brief list of some citrus essential oils that should be avoided being applied to skin areas that will receive direct sun light: Lemon, Lime, Orange, Grapefruit, Bergamot, these should be avoided at least 24 hours before direct sun exposure. Reactions such as darkening of skin, feeling of a sunburn, redness, and irritation are signs that may occur if a citrus oil has been applied topically with direct sun rays. This goes for single essential oils being directly used on skin, as well as oils that may be in your personal body products.

Some Naturally Trudging products that shouldn't be used when having long direct sun exposure are Lemon Drop Lip Balm, Clean Glow Facial Clay Mask, Repair Facial Serum, Wild Orange Deodorant, and Clay + Lemon Deodorant, these products are best to be used later in the day/night, deodorant is exceptional as long as it only applied directly to armpit area and no surrounding areas are not exposed to direct sun. 

Make sure to also watch for any other beauty products you use and double check their label if applying them before being in the sun!

Besides this safety note, and making sure to protect skin from sunburns and those annoying blood loving mosquitos, I hope everyone is well and enjoying these last school days before summer is in full swing here!






Natural tips and ingredients that is great for soothing sunburned skin:


Aloe Vera Juice, Coconut Oil, Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils.

The essential oils can be added to the aloe vera and/or coconut oil, or even added to a water bottle to be made as a mist. 





Interested in learning more about essential oils?

Email Michelle at for questions, local class schedule or make sure to check Naturally Trudging Facebook Page. 


+ + + + A big humble thank you to all who support small, shop local, and love natural products! 

Stay well friends,

Proud Owner and Crafter, 

Michelle - Naturally Trudging 








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