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It is shocking what many unknowingly consume every single day just through food and personal care items alone. Many people do not think about what may be in their products because if the store sells it, it must be ok....right? The answer is no! The product industry is incredibly unregulated, like frightening unregulated. The ingredients being used in our personal care products, including leading infant brands, is even more frightening. 


I wasn't aware of what was in our food or everyday household and beauty products for a long time, in fact it wasn't until 2011 that I found my first piece of life changing information.


At a young age I began experiencing multiple health issues that included severe chronic pain and allergic skin reactions. During a visit with a rheumatologist in 2011, I was informed that going gluten free could help improve my pain, due to it being an inflammatory. Desperate for relief, I began to read the label on every single food package and began my journey with a gluten free lifestyle, I was left frustrated by the fact gluten was in everything I had been eating and just about everything else, even salad dressing! 

This sparked my interest enough to read labels on EVERY package, including personal house and beauty products. I was left frustrated by finding things such as aluminum in my deodorant! (REALLY!?!)


I thought gluten and aluminum were the only things to watch for... until over the years I have found a ridiculous long list, that in fact just keeps growing. There is literally thousands of harmful chemicals surrounding us, right on the shelves of our local stores, in attractive and convincing containers. Did you know our skin is our largest organ? Anything we apply onto our skin has the ability to enter our systems. Many people apply over a hundred toxic chemicals on their bodies just before leaving the house in the morning. They are found in things we use every day such as cosmetics, shampoos, soaps, beverages, foods and so on. It is honestly impossible to live a 100% chemical free life due to pollution in the air and other things we simply can't avoid, but you do have control over what you eat and apply onto your body. There are many things we can do to avoid such toxins in our lives. 


The first step to eliminate these toxins is to become aware of them by reading every product label. Here is just a short list to watch for in your everyday personal products: synthetic fragrances often labeled as fragrance, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, aluminum, sodium laurel sulfate, BHA, triclosan, and bisphenol-A (BPA). There are thousands more but these are the most commonly found and a good start to recognize on product labels. These chemicals are linked to health problems, carcinogens, hormone disrupters and banned in other countries


My frustration with my chronic pain, finding the truth about our food, and toxins in our products has become a beautiful journey, healthier lifestyle, natural remedies, holistic living, spirituality and connecting with nature and others. I have learned so much valuable information in such a short time. It has become my job, passion and purpose to carry this message to anyone and everyone that I can. 


What I have learned is you must be your own advocate!


I lost trust in products at the store and began to make my own, I knew I could trust making my own products and it was the best assurance I had to keep from having reactions on my sensitive skin and to help reduce my flared up muscles. My sensitive skin reactions such as severe rashes and acne dramatically went down. After years of making more and more products, I began to share them with others and before I knew it, Naturally Trudging was born! I now share a wide range of products using only natural, non-GMO and organic ingredients that I use in my own home on myself and family. Every product comes in a BPA FREE or reusable glass container. 



Facial Clay Masks

Body Balm

Lip Balm 

Deodorant (Aluminum Free!)


So what can you do to make adjustments for yourself, family and friends?


Reading the labels yourself is always the first step. Finding a local health and food store near you is a good trusted place to find natural products and foods. Do your own research and help educate friends and family, they simply don't know unless this information is shared with them! Enjoy and introduce pure essential oils into your daily routine to replace toxic cleaning products, synthetic perfumes and air fresheners. Invest into a diffuser to replace candles and plug ins to freshen and purify the air in your home. 


This is so important for our next generations. There are so many invisible illnesses today that was unheard of hundreds of years ago. Allergies, chronic pain conditions, cancer, food sensitivities, and so much more is on a high rise. We can make small changes that will make a big difference. Making small adjustments in your own home can make a positive impact for the rest of your life. I am grateful to have learned all of this information in my early 20's so that I am able to educate my young children and they can have more mindful healthier lifestyles. 



Interested in learning more about essential oils? Contact Michelle at for information, questions and local class schedules!






5 toxic chemicals in your products 


Chemicals in our products by


It is time for tighter regulations 


Study with product safety and testing 






What the Health


Food INC.







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Never made with Synthetic fragrance, artificial colors, harsh chemicals or gluten 


Naturally Trudging strives to make each product with the simple and pure ingredients, making great efforts to choose natures resources vs synthetic.  

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