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Let's Talk Serum & facial care!


Serums are designed to target specific concerns for the skin. I formulated these serums specifically for anti-aging skin protection (rejuvenate) and for acne prone skin types (repair).


A little bit about my background and motivation that got me started in making my own products links to my own health conditions such as fibromyalgia, irritated and severe sensitive skin. I was not able to find an over the counter product without concerning ingredients that I couldn't pronounce. Here is more to chemicals to watch for in our products and my story HERE.


About the Serums & Skin Types


These serums were carefully formulated based on specific skin conditions and pairing the perfect ingredients to nourish your skin.


A note about acne and oily skin:

If you struggle with acne and/or oily skin, using oils high in linoleic acid is important. Linoleic Acid is an essential fatty acid and is effective and essential for transforming acne prone and oily skin. These skin types tend to be higher in oleic acid found naturally in the sebum.


The oils used in the serums are choosen from a comedogenic rating, which is a scale of 0-5 showing how much an oil can clog pores. If you struggle with acne you want to stay 2 or below on the scale when choosing which oils you apply to the skin. 


*Acne Prone Skin: Repair SERUM is formulated with only oils that are high in linoleic acid and very low comedogenic ratings.


*Anti-aging and skin protection: Rejuvenate SERUM is formulated with oils that are packed with skin loving nutrition and the finest beauty oils known. Ideal for anti-aging, scars, and normal to dry skin that needs nourishing.



Whats Inside


Each oil is packed with nutritious oils that are organic, cold-pressed seed & non-GMO


Each oil benefits the skin differently and are incredibly nourishing because they are packed with fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins promoting cell repair, protecting and moisturizing the skin. 


A bit about some of the finest oils you can use for skin care and our found in my serums:


-Red Raspberry is an oil everyone should know about. It also known as natures "retinal" for the wonders of skin firming it provides and preventing UV damage.


-Black Cumin Seed has an impressive long list of being packed with essentials our skin demands. 


-Argan Oil, AKA liquid gold, is easily abosrbed, also packed with skin nutrition. 


-Rose Hip Seed is known as a great anti-aging oil and aiding with scars. Helps protect and moisten the skin.


-Jojoa Oil is very similar to our natural sebum, as we age, we loose our protecting sebum, using jojoba is very helpful and a nourishing oil. 


-Sunflower Seed is packed with nutrients and high in Vitamin E and linoleic acid. Known for protecting skin and anti-aging. 

Has a star rating of 0 for clogging pores. 


-Frankincense, Helichrysum, and Lavender Essential Oils are ancient repairing beauty oils benefiting the skin in many ways.


-Lemon Essential Oil is anti-septic and anti-bacterial, also a well known oil for radiant skin care.



What to wash face with before serum: If you have a face wash that works great for you then by all means stick with that, but if you are anything like I was, I simply couldn't find a face wash that my skin approved of. I now alternate between glycerin soap and tea tree sugar scrub. (glycerin soap one night and sugar scrub the next) Since I have kept toxic chemicals off my face and only use skin loving ingredients to cleanse it, exfoliate the dead skin cells, and nourish it with the serum afterwards, all of my skin sensitivities and acne has greatly improved!


- How To Use -


Use on clean face, preferably at night (especially if you are using the repair formula for acne prone skin due to the lemon essential oil in it, lemon oil should not be used with direct sun contact, more on safety with essential oils HERE)


Safe and ideal to use daily! 


TIP: Use immediately after washing face or exiting shower, it is best to use while your skin is still damp to lock in moisture. Allow your skin to soak up the serum and dampness (no need to dry face afterwards)


It is optional to use as a spot treatment or full facial treatment based on what your skin is demanding:


-Use as spot treatment for targeting specific spots. Use only a couple drops to cover desired area. Specific spots of concern include blemishes, wrinkles under eyes, cheeks or forehead. Gently dab your finger onto concerned spot and allow your skin to soak up the nutrients!


-Use as full face and neck treatment: Use desired amount, only few drops to half a dropper size is ideally needed. Use as a full face and neck treatment if you feel your skin needs the extra nourishment, over time you can begin to use less and less after repair takes place.


Other creative ways to use serum and receive benefits:


The ingredients in the serums are truly skin loving, safe and beneficial for many other uses, so feel free to get creative and use where any skin or hair spots need attention! (*FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY*)


-Hair: Use in dry or damp hair, best if used in damp. You can use directly on dry or itchy scalp. You can also use on dead ends or dry fizzy hair. Start with a couple drops if using on scalp and work your way up to a full dropper if needed.


-Body Oil: If you have a specific skin spot of itchy and dryness then you can add the serum directly to that spot or even mix with another carrier oil to turn into a body rub. 




I hope you have learned something new about why serum can be beneficial for your skin!

The feedback I have received from friends, family and customers have been amazing and reassuring that people are enjoying my products as much as I enjoy making them. Using the serum, especially along with the facial clay masks has been life changing for me.




A big humble thank you to all who support small, shop local, and love natural products! 

Stay well friends,

Proud Owner and Crafter, 

Michelle - Naturally Trudging 


If you have any questions please contact 



















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