Fragrance VS. Essential Oils: READ THE LABEL CHALLENGE

We have been experiencing a toxic overload and there are hidden toxins in our products..and I simply just can't live without telling you about it. See I went a long time without knowing this information so it is my duty to pass this on to you! I ask you to join in on the READ THE LABEL CHALLENGE and begin reading every. single. label. you come across.


Most of the time the label may look convincing on the front and say something like "NO parabens, phthalates, gluten, and made in america" maybe you are in a hurry and throw it in the cart. But I encourage you to zoom into that ingredient list on the back. There is almost always hidden toxic chemicals in there, maybe some people won't find this as a big deal, but I do. See I was experiencing a super toxic overload and I had no choice but to start and care. Our bodies work really hard at natural immunity and when we constantly (not even intentionally, but throughout the day) keep applying products on top of environmental chemicals, our bodies have no choice but to go into toxic overload.

For me it meant severe rashes, acne, chronic pain, allergies and daily misery. 


Once I eliminated the chemicals and cleaned up my diet, my pain doesn't control my life, I do not suffer from itchy dry skin and bizarre rashes or acne. Im pretty happy about happy that I am sharing with you! 


Read up below to see what the big deal is about fragrance then keep reading about what you can actually do about it.



“Ingredients not in a product’s hidden fragrance mixture must be listed on the label. As a result, manufacturers disclose some chemical constituents on ingredient lists but lump others together in the generic category of “fragrance.” In fact, “fragrances” are typically mixtures of many different secret chemicals, like those uncovered in this study. On average, the 17 name-brand fragrances tested in this study contained nearly equal numbers of secret and labeled ingredients, with 14 chemicals kept secret but found through testing, and 15 disclosed on labels.”




So how are we suppose to smell good when we cut our synthetic fragrance? Trust me, you don't have to stink!! Essential Oils can take care out that :) 


FIRST, It is important to understand that not all essential oils are the same.

WAIT WHAT?! Essential oil is just essential oil right?……



The oil industry is incredibly unregulated and companies can legally say 100% pure on the label when in fact there is ONLY ONE DROP OF PURE OIL in the bottle! 


You now see essential oils in just about every store, you may wonder why lavender may be $5 for one brand and up to $30 the other brand, or maybe why frankincense is $10 for one brand and $90 for another. I promise you get what you pay for! If that essential oil bottle is super cheap, it is NOT pure. If it is not pure then it is synthetically made which is doing no good for anyone and potentially causing harm. Synthetics are hormone disrupters, respiratory and skin irritants


Pure essential oils are natural, highly concentrated compounds found in the roots, bark, seeds, flowers, or other areas of a plant.


So which brand should you choose?!


I suggest you research companies (most are pretty open with information on their websites) 


Look for where their plants are harvested and how they are harvest. Are they organically grown? non-GMO? Do they harvest the plants in their native land at the right time and in the right climate?

Are they third party tested? Are they cold-pressed and/or steam distilled? If the company displays all of this information openly and has answered these questions with yes then that is a good oil company to go with!


All of this is important information when using essential oils, but especially for therapeutic reasons! If you use a pure essential oil you will receive the benefits of its antioxidant and immunity boosting properties that come with it, there is soooo much more to oils than just its wonderful aroma! 


I choose to use doTERRA essential oil brand because they answer yes to all my questions and works with over 40 different countries to harvest the plant in its native land at the right time. 


They also have a lot number on the bottom of every single bottle of oil that you can type into which will tell you the chemical report of that specific batch of oil…..this below if straight from that site…NOW THAT’S RELIABLE!


“Each batch of doTERRA essential oils goes through a battery of rigorous tests to ensure you and your family receive only the most pure, potent, and effective oils on earth. Enter your unique Quality ID to view GC/MS test results from an independent, verified third party lab. We are committed to providing you the highest quality oil, every time”


The other brand I have researched and feel comfortable with is NOW FOOD BRANDS. They are third party tested, non-GMO and have USDA organic options. They are steam-distilled and cold pressed. 


I use doTERRA for topical and therapeutic use. I use NOW brand for aromatic use such as cleaning and sometimes diffusing. (I always go with doTERRA when possible though)


P.S. Essential oils come in a lot more aromas than just don't worry you won't smell like a hippie...that is, if you don't want to, either way I don't mind!




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