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I spent years trying to find a face wash routine and brand to work. What I have found is that most face washes that are advertised to “clean the skin” are actually harsh and do not contain any nutrition for the skin. These cleansers always irritated my face and resulted in it to become painfully dry and overproduce oil. It was a battle of oily skin to dry skin. Needless to say I never found one, not one, brand to help me. I searched for 11 years!


In 2014 I started making my own products after I lost trust in over the counter ingredients. Really, I was starting my healing journey with Fibromyalgia. I slowly began to eliminate toxic chemicals from my food and personal care products. I began to learn the importance of choosing natural vs synthetic. Today I truly appreciate all that I have learned about these natural ingredients, which have been used since ancient times for skin care. The fact that these ingredients have been used by our ancestors (when there once was a time big companies didn’t profit off of synthetic chemicals in our products) just reassures me that this is the way it’s supposed to be done. I have gained trust in natures resources and that feels good and gives me confidence no product was ever capable of giving me! 


You might be shocked that I actually don’t have a set skin care routine today, but my skin is in the best shape it has ever been in! This means so much to me since I went from having chronic allergies and pain, cystic acne, bizarre rashes and outbreaks constantly.


I truly see and FEEL my skin healing. 


I have learned to listen to my skin and trust my intuition on what it needs. Our skin needs nutrition, in fact at times it will demand it! I look at it this way: our bodies know when we are low on a nutrient and will tell us. If we don’t listen and don’t give it what it needs it will eventually snowball into more problems. If we keep covering it up with bandaids then we never addressed the root cause. 


Skin conditions are much like that! I learned this the hard way. 


Here are a list of the things I use on my skin for maintenance but I allow my skin to tell me which to use:


Serum: This one is important to keep in my maintenance and always at reach. I use this several times a week. Sometimes daily, sometimes every other day. In the summer I felt I needed it every night. Best applied when skin is still wet. If your skin has dried after washing or showering then just simply dampen skin with a splash of water and apply. This Serum has seriously helped transform my skin, you can read more on that through my Serum Blog on the nutrient packed ingredients what is in it and for tips.


Clay Face Mask: THIS I just CANNOT go without and when I do I can 100% feel my skin begging for it. I try to stay on top of face masking 2 times a week. Once in the beginning of week and once at the end, or just every 3 days. 


Frank N Rose Mist: This spray is just lovely for the skin. It is super light but holds so much in it. I use this as often as my face needs it. I feel this works best in between serum days.


Oil Cleansing: I do oil cleansing in place of a “face wash” several times a week. I use Jojoba Oil, Rose Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Vegetable Glycerin and Aloe Vera in a mixture. This has been AMAZING and I have even been using it as a body wash. I plan to make this a new product for you soon. 


Simple Soap: When my face feels heavy in make up and needs a more thorough wash I will use glycerin soap or Castile soap. Castile soap is amazing because you can use it for so many things. You can wash from head to toe in it, laundry, mop the floors, make your own cleaning solution with it, etc. It is 100% worth the investment and lasts a long time. 


Lavender and Frankincense Body Balm: I use body balm at times of harsh weather and needs a “super” dose of nutrition. If I have a scratch or a minor skin injury I also use this in place of ointment. I have used it on my kids ( 9 years old & 4 years old) for certain conditions as well. 


Toner: I use a mixture of Witch Hazel, Aloe and Essential Oils. I use a cotton ball to gently wipe my face clean. I do this several times a week. (This is another product I have been working on to share with you. Labels and containers always take time to gather) When I started using a witch hazel toner I felt like I needed it every night. I did that for about 2 weeks and took a break. It was magical how my skin just told me to take a break! I now use it a couple times a week, only when needed. 


Lemon: Just pure lemon! I love fresh lemon water in the morning. Years ago I could hardly get it down but now my body craves it. It is a great way to start the morning and get your body flowing. I hate throwing away the lemon after I squeezed it so I will save it to clean the sink or counter, or sometimes I will wipe it on my face. Warning….this stings! It does sting for a couple seconds, but I honestly don’t mind. It is antibacterial and high in Vitamin C. 


I understand this is not what most people are looking for or maybe this is too much information. We all want a “quick fix” (another Blog on that soon)

I have had 100% positive feedback on all my skin products so I know you can benefit from them greatly, but we have to take Holistic matters into our skin conditions too if we want long results. If you are like me and always felt something missing from your facial care routine I suggest trying to start letting your skin tell you, or in other words learn to listen to your skin. It does let us know! 


So, how do you “listen” to your skin?


I learned to do this when I got out of the shower (that is usually when my skin care products come into play) I used to quickly lather on my face and body what I thought it needed then throw on some make up and go about my day. (Hey! if that is working for you keep it up!) But something always felt like it was missing for me. I have difficult skin, it is stubborn and super sensitive and has taken many years to figure out. It got me thinking, I don’t eat the same exact foods daily, maybe my skin needs a similar consideration. 


One day when I got out of the shower I used NOTHING on it. I was impressed by how well that went for the day. At night I started to pay attention to how my skin really felt after washing off my Clay Mask. I didn't know it at the time, but I was learning to listen to my skin! If it felt like it needed a little extra love I would apply the Rejuvenate Serum, and if it felt content then my face care maintenance was done for the day.


Could it really be this simple? 


Listening to your skin and using natural ingredients on the skin isn’t the only important thing to take from this.


I want to express how important food plays a role in my skin healing. I eliminated animal products from my diet over a year ago and not only did my chronic pain and allergies dissolve but my skin truly transformed. Correct balance of whole plant based foods (lots of fruit) has done amazing things for my body. It lets my lymph system move properly, which is our bodies sewer system. When moved properly I was on my way to a true healing experience and detox.   


Even with my skin being in the best shape it has ever been in, I still get "imperfections" (I hate that word) from time to time. This is because I am human! (I am screaming this line) Guys we are all human, there is no such thing as PERFECTION! Well....some people are born with flawless skin, but I wasn't. I will take a hormone spot on my face any day over driving myself crazy and jumping to the conclusion that a skin product isn't working for me. There are NO skin care products on the market to take away humanness


To sum all of this up....this is what Holistic skin care is. It is taking our whole selves into consideration. The whole is the Mind, Body and Spirit. It truly is a beautiful thing to learn. Our stress, toxic build up, anger, hormones, all of that will show through our appearance. It is just simply the way we are designed. So, take it easy on yourself friends! 



I wish you Love, Peace and Confidence on your Journey....and the ability to listen to your skin :)







"When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others" ~Chinese Proverbs






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